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Mariappan has won many awards for his devotion and work. Stellar Astrological Research Institute in Chennai. Children are the vital beat of the house. Their name should be given according to their Janam Nakshtra. For them to achieve more success,healthiness and sound knowledge in the field they wish to shine… Read More. With so many availability of options in the field of career the students also get confused with what to choose and what to leave behind.

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In such cases astrology gives a helping hand by indicating the position… Read More. Everybody wants to travel abroad at least once in their lives. Many even want to get the opportunity of studying out there, and eventually settle down. With the rise in technological advancements, it is really not a big… Read More. Life is very simple. But we make it complicated. Life is beautiful.

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But it needs open eyes to observe it. Life gives solutions, but an open mind is required to see it. There are mysteries beyond human mind.

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Read More. When will I get promotion as per astrology Is this a question that is stirring your confidence? Life is all about changes and variations. Vastu is an ancient practise of certain rules to develop and maintain buildings that promises to harness the natural positive energies surrounding us….

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Many of us suffer from one or other kind of doshas in our horoscope that is read by the expert astrologer after examining the horoscope carefully. Say for an example if your horoscope is saying… Read More. While considering a marriage alliance, the custom does not allow the tying of the knot until the ten poruthams are studied and matched for the couple who desires to be joined in matrimony.

click Marriage is like Gambling,Where to two strangers surrender to each other without knowing each other. Marriage is both a bliss and a bane. Every marriage faces a downhill at some point.. In any culture, Marriage is only considered successful if there is a childbirth in the family. No youngster comes into this world with a void slate. Each has its interesting adventure, endowments, and difficulties, which are so adequately depicted… Read More. Numerology is a vast method with many techniques followed.

Choose from our list of numerology consultants to suit your requirements and restart a better life.

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Settle the scores of your life with the help of some of the most reliable astrologers in Chennai. If you believe in astrology, we bring you the experts in this field for your convenient consultation to drive away your sorrows, uncertainties and fears. Instead, let the most famous astrologer in Chennai draw predictions based on your birth chart. Get your yearly prediction or marriage prediction or career prediction done by an expert. Life does not give you a second chance, but your astrologer can guide you to take the right decisions so that you will not regret them later.

Combine the power of genuine astrologers in Chennai with the latest technology to chat up online about your issues.

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Make payments online and get your predictions and report on your email. Get instant and reliable solutions for all your problems through our experienced astrologers. Aadishakti believes that the right Vastu consultants in Chennai can enhance your lifestyle to a great extent. From the smallest changes required in your house to any major modifications that can change your life and make it better, consult our reputed vastu consultants.

Sometimes, the additional step advised as a correction can be the stepping stone to your success. Booking No.

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